Rejecting Employers

Reject an employer to ensure they are not included in your Employer Directory, and are not available as an auto-populated option that appears as users type in employers anywhere on your platform where an Employer field is available.

To reject Employers that have been added to your platform:

  1. Select "Notifications", then select “Employers”.

  1. You will be directed to the Pending Employers page. On the Pending Employers page, select “Reject” button.

  1. A pop up will appear to confirm rejection of the Employer.

  1. The Employer will be transferred to your Rejected Employers in the Employer Directory page (using "Approval Status=Rejected" filter).

To reject an approved Employer:

  1. Select the "Employers" module from the left navigation panel, and select the specific Employer.

  1. Select the “more actions” button, then select “Reject”.

  1. Confirm rejection by selecting “Reject”.

  • The Employer will be removed from the Employer Directory "approved employers and will be placed in “Rejected Employers” of the Employer Directory (can be found by using "Approval Status = Rejected" filter).

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  • If you reject an employer, can contacts from that employer still try to make accounts? Or can we still received 12twenty job listings from rejected employers?


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