Duplicating a Job or OCI Posting

Admins and Employers may duplicate Job Postings and OCIs by following the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Job or OCI posting you would like to duplicate

  2. Select the three-dot action button and choose Duplicate

  3. A confirmation modal will display confirming that you would like to duplicate the posting. To accept, click OK

  4. The page will re-load to a new Job or OCI posting with the title changed to include "Duplicate-" and will be saved as a Draft

  5. Edit the job posting to update information like Application Deadlines and more.

  6. Edits and Approvals
    • Employers will need to edit their job and OCI posting and submit for approval 
    • University Admins who have duplicated a posting will need to Edit and Approve the posting.

Common edits include:

  • Posting Title
  • Application Deadlines
  • Job Description
  • Student Group selections
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