How to download all employer schedules for an OCI Round

To download all employer OCI schedules for an OCI Round:

  1. Navigate to the OCI tab of the OCI and Job Listings page.

  2. Filter for the OCI Round.

  3. Select All Results (check the top box above the list of results).

  4. Use the ellipsis button to select “Download Selected Schedule Application Packages”.



  5. On the Packet Details window that appears select “Schedule” as the requested document, and “Download” as the delivery method. Select "OK" to begin the download.


Students are strongly recommended to add assigned interview time slots to their personal calendar and / or view assigned schedule time slots via their My Interview Availability tab.


For a student to add assigned time slots to a personal calendar:

  1. Navigate to the Job Posting for which the student is scheduled for an interview.

  2. Click on the calendar icon next to the “Interview Scheduled” section, and select the appropriate calendar system.


For a student to view their My Interview Availability details (all assigned interview time slots):

  1. Click into the OCI and Job Listings module, and select the “My Interview Availability” tab

  2. All assigned interview time slots will display, along with any other student-entered schedule details in a calendar view

For more information on the student My Interview Availability tab, click here.

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