How to Accept, Unaccept, and Reject Offers

This article will highlight how student and admin users can accept, unaccept and reject job offers.

To Accept / Unaccept / Reject a job offer as a student user:

  1. Select the ellipsis icon next to the outcome.

  • Accept: To report the offer as accepted, select "Accept".
  •  On the new window that appears enter the additional requested information, and select "Accept Offer".

  • The outcome will now have an “Offer Accepted” tag. 

  •  Unaccept: On an "Offer Accepted" outcome, you can elect to unaccept the offer, reverting the outcome to "Offer Received", by selecting "Unaccept" after selecting the ellipsis icon.

  • Reject: To mark an offer as rejected, select Reject.
  • On the new window that appears enter the reason for rejecting the offer, and select "Reject Offer".

Admin Users:

Admin users can perform the same actions mentioned above on behalf of the student by navigating to the students profile page on the Jobs and Job Offers tab, selecting the ellipsis icon next the outcome, and selecting the desired action.

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