Which student outcomes are included in the MBA CSEA report?

Which student outcomes are included in the MBA CSEA report?

  • Employment offers are accepted 90 days after the student’s graduation date.*
  • Outcomes were reported 120 days after the student’s graduation date.*
  • Outcomes are not specifically excluded from reporting.
  • The inclusion of unapproved outcomes, rumor jobs, and exchange students depends on your site settings.

What to check for if a student outcome is unexpectedly missing from (or added to) the 12Twenty prepared MBA CSEA report?

  • Check dates: Ensure relevant dates are within the defined reporting windows.  Job offers must have an Accepted Date no later than 90 days after a student’s graduation date.  All outcomes must have a Reported Date no later than 120 days after a student’s graduation date.

  • Included: Check the student’s profile and ensure the outcome is included in reporting:

  • Site Settings: See if rumor jobs, unapproved jobs, and exchange students are included in reporting. Ensure the student and outcome in question correspond with your settings.



Pro-Tip: To quickly determine student outcomes that were excluded due to being outside the 90 day post-graduation offer acceptance window, build a Custom Outcome Report with a filter for the grad year & term in question and Offer Accepted Date the 90th day after graduation.  The same can be done for the 120-day reporting window and a Reported Date filter greater than the 120th day after graduation.  Instructions below:

  1. Navigate to your Custom Reports tab

  2. Create New Report → Outcome Report

  3. Job Phase = Post MBA

  4. Include Unreported Students? = Yes

  5. Use the left to right arrows in the center of the screen to select the data columns to be displayed in your report.  You can also double-click the attributes you want to add to the report. Considering this report will be used to determine which offers fell outside a given date range, we strongly suggest including some basic information about the offer (Employer and Job Title) along with all available date information.

  6. Add filter for student graduation year and term.

  7. Add filter for Offer Accepted Date with a range beginning on the 91st day after graduation.  No closing date for the range is necessary. This will result in a filter that includes all offers for the 91st date and later.

    1. In the example below, the selected filters will result in a report that includes all Spring 2023 graduates who Accepted Offers on or after Aug. 14, 2023(91 days after a sample graduation date of May 15, 2023).

    2. To run a similar report checking for a student’s report date, remove the Offer Accepted Date filter and replace it with Reported Date on or after the 121st day after graduation.

  8. Generate Report.

MBA CSEA Standards & Disclaimer

While this article is intended to assist 12Twenty customers in compiling their official MBA CSEA reports, it should not be considered formal guidance on interpreting MBA CSEA standards, or instructions on how to comply with them.  For that, we always recommend reviewing the latest version of the MBA CSEA standards, which can be found at http://www.mbacsea.org/standards, or contacting the MBA CSEA directly with any questions.


* MBA CSEA reporting dates are determined by the student's program classification (Full-Time, Part-Time, Specialty Master, Executive MBA). MBA CSEA program classification determines the reporting cut-off dates for each program type. Please reference the MBA CSEA guidelines for up-to-date information.



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