What to do with students who have Multiple Reported Outcomes?

Occasionally, you will see students listed as having “Multiple Reported Outcomes.”  This means the student has reported two or more outcomes that conflict with each other.  For example, a student reported an accepted offer, but also has marked themselves as “Still Seeking Employment.”  Another example would be a student reporting they are starting their own business, which makes them a non-seeker, but then also saying they are seeking employment.

Please Note: This does NOT include students who have received multiple offers but are still seeking, or students with multiple accepted offers.

This article discusses how to locate students with multiple reported outcomes and how to address multiple reported outcomes. 

Finding Students with Multiple Reported Outcomes

You can isolate students with multiple reported outcomes by navigating to the Student Directory and adding a filter for students with multiple reported outcomes.


From there, you can click into each student’s profile and resolve any conflicts within their profile by removing or updating the conflicting outcomes. 

Here are some articles with more details on excluding, editing, or deleting an outcome:

MBA CSEA Standards & Disclaimer

While this article is intended to assist 12Twenty customers in compiling their official MBA CSEA reports, it should not be considered formal guidance on interpreting MBA CSEA standards, or instructions on how to comply with them.  For that, we always recommend reviewing the latest version of the MBA CSEA standards, which can be found at http://www.mbacsea.org/standards, or contacting the MBA CSEA directly with any questions.

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