How do I classify a student as unknown?

There are two options for classifying a graduate as Employment Status Unknown in the NALP and ABA reports.

  1. A student without an outcome will be classified on the NALP and ABA report as "Employment Status Unknown.” Thus, you may leave the student without an outcome to classify them as unknown.
  2. Optionally, you may choose to mark them as No Information Available
    • To do so, navigate to the student’s Jobs and Job Offers tab and click Admin: Unreported
    • You will be asked to enter a Student Report Date, choose a Survey Period, then save the status by selecting Add
    • Please Note: This option allows you to add an Outcome Note and supporting documentation for why you are classifying the graduate as Employment Status Unknown

    • Once this action is complete, the student will have a No Information Available outcome status in their Jobs and Job Offers tab and will be classified as Employment Status Unknown for reporting purposes.


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