University Admins - 12Twenty Autofill for Advising Appointments

Users have reported issues with booking appointments, where sometimes the student they choose results in an error with the message "this student is not valid." 12Twenty will be releasing a fix to prevent the browser autofill from appearing. Until that fix is live, use this article to troubleshoot when this issue arises.

As an admin, when booking an appointment or setting up an appointment block, you must choose both the appointment type and the student in order to select times to complete the booking. However, admins have reported that they do not always see the student they are looking for in the autofill options. In some cases, an admin chooses a student from the autofill options they see and after selecting "book appointment" receive an error that the student is invalid.


This happens because the admin is selecting the student from their browser's autofill, as opposed to selecting it from the 12Twenty autofill. Typically, this happens because the admin cannot see the 12Twenty autofill, as the browser options sit on top of the picklist window.


If you observe this error, please report it to us at, and use these steps to get your appointment booked:


1) Click on an existing appointment block to create a new appointment (or select to create a new appointment)


2) Select your appointment type, then click your cursor into the "Student" field and observe the autofill window that appears before you have begun to type the student's name - this is your browser's autofill

3)Type a few letters of the student's name and observe the two different autofill windows - the browser autofill lays overtop of the 12Twenty autofill

4) Select the student's name from the 12Twenty autofill to successfully book the appointment



Alternatively, you can turn off Chrome autofill by clicking the 3 dot ellipsis in the upper righthand corner of your browser to the right of your user photo, selecting "Settings" "Autofill" "Addresses & More" and toggling the feature to off. Settings can also be accessed through the "Chrome" menu dropdown of your OS.




Q: How will I know the difference between the browser autofill and the 12Twenty autofill?

A: The browser autofill will appear as soon as you click into the Student field, before you have typed anything. It will also lay over top of the 12Twenty autofill as you begin to type the student's name.



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