How to manage a resume book

This article will highlight how to edit, publish, archive, deactivate or delete a resume book.


Admin users can use the Action button on the Resume Book Details tab to accomplish the following:


  • Publish: Select Publish to Publish the resume book. To learn more about published resume books, click here

  • Archive: Select Archive to Archive the resume book. To learn more about archived resume books, click here

  • Edit: Admin users can edit the resume book by selecting Edit.

  • Delete: Deleting a resume book deletes all data associated with the resume book. Note that this action is irreversible; the resume book will permanently be unavailable to admin, student, and employer users. To delete a resume book, select Delete.

  • Deactivate: Select Deactivate to deactivate a resume book. If you would like to learn more about inactive resume books, you can click here.

  • Shareable Links: To send a specific resume book to Students or Employer users select the appropriate option and the URL will be copied to your clipboard for easy sharing.

  • View Audit Log: The Audit Log is a useful tool that will show a brief summary of actions taken on a resume book. Select the plus sign to expand or the minus sign to collapse the details of the changes made. 




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