When to Update the "Active" Status of a Student User

The "active" field allows admins to quickly deactivate users to revoke their access to the platform and remove them from Standard Reports. An active student user is a student or alumni who is enrolled in a program at the university, or has graduated to alumni status. This article outlines how to update a student's active status, and reasons why an admin would set a student to inactive status. 


A student should be set to Active = No if:

  • The student user has dropped out of the program, and will no longer be graduating from your institution.
  • The student user was a Reciprocity law student whose access to the platform has expired.
  • The student user is on a leave of absence.


A student should be set to Active = Yes if:

  • The student user is currently enrolled in a program.
  • The student user has graduated and is now considered an alumni.
  • The student user should have access to the platform.
  • The student user should be included in Standard Reports (e.g. MBA CSEA, NALP / ABA, NACE).


How to update a student's Active status

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab of the student's profile.
  2. Select the "Edit" option next to the Student Information section.
  3. Update the Active field to Yes or No, and be sure to Save your changes.






What will setting a student user to Active = No accomplish? Deactivating a user will revoke their access to the platform, remove them from standard reports (e.g. MBA CSEA, NALP / ABA, NACE), and remove them as an autocomplete suggestion anywhere on the platform admins can filter for students by name, ID, or email. 


Should I set my alumni users to Active = No? No. The system recognizes users become alumni from their graduation year/term, and updates their platform permissions accordingly. Setting alumni to Active = No will revoke their access to the platform, and remove their outcome data from your standard reports (e.g. MBA CSEA, NALP / ABA, NACE).


Can I still search for inactive users? Yes. Throughout the site, you will see the automatic filter "Active = Yes" applied. You may edit the filter to "Active = No" to see inactive students, or you may remove the filter entirely to see all students regardless of Active status.






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