Employer User: Changing The Company You Are Associated With

Employer Users can change the name of their Employer (Company) from their individual account settings, accessible from any module by clicking on the user's name in lefthand navigation.

If an Employer User becomes associated with the incorrect Employer (Company) Name, they can update their Employer Name by accessing their individual user account settings.


1) Sign in to any site instance (or employer.12twenty.com)


2) Access "account settings" by first clicking on your name in the lower lefthand navigation of the platform window within your browser, then click on "account settings" 


3) Once in account settings, click "Edit" next to "Account Info" to open the pop out window "Edit Your Account Information"


4) To change your Employer Name, click on "Not your company?" in red below the "Employer Name" field, then enter the existing company you want to be associated with, or add a new one






5) Once you have updated your company, that update will be reflected in your Account Settings

Please note the following:

  • If you joined an existing company that you were not previously a part of, your user role will be set to "associate"

    • Action to take: connect with an administrative user to update your access permissions if you need administrative access

    • Already an admin and unsure how to assist a colleague? Check out this article for a how-to!

  • If you created a new company, you will automatically be assigned as the administrative user

    • If you made this change on a school specific site instance, you will need to be approved as a new employer before you can make changes to your Employer Profile, attend or post an event, or post a job

    • Schools typically approve new Employers within 24 hours of their creation







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