Name Tag Printing

12Twenty supports two different ways of printing name tags. The first is a "pre-print" option, which allows the user to print name tags for event registrants, and the second option is an "on-register" method which the user can use to print name tags for students as they check in. Below is an overview of the functionality, along with links to the resources needed for printing labels.

Pre-Printing Name Tags

To print name tags for one or all event registrants, navigate to the event detail page, and then select the "Registrants" tab. Then select the "ellipsis" menu drop down, and " Generate Name Tags for All Registrants." This will generate a PDF of name tags, which is designed to be printed on the Avery 8395 label page, which has 8 labels per page, sized 2” 1/3” x 3 3/8”.

Printing Name Tags During Student Registration

For name tag printing "on-register," the career center can use the "Print Name Tags" function located in the "Action" menu for the event:

This will bring the user to a live name tag printing page, where students that have been checked in (via 12Twenty Passport and/or marking the student as "Attended" on the "Registered Students" tab of an event detail page) will appear in the "Not Yet Printed" section of the page. The students name, college/school (for centralized career centers) or program (for business and law programs) and graduation term can be changed before selecting the "Print Name Tag" button for that student.

Upon selecting the "Print Name Tag" button, a new tab will open with the print dialog for the students name tag. The name tag format was designed to be compatible with the DYMO LabelWriter 450 Thermal Label Printer, and DYMO LW Adhesive Name Badge Labels for LabelWriter Label Printers, White, sized 2-1/4'' x 4''. However, the name tag will work with any label printer that has a label size of at least 2" x 3.75". Please note that the DYMO label printer must be connected to the computer and the drivers must be installed before printing the label.

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