Time-Slot Style Event Waitlists


For instructions on enabling a waitlist, click here.



Waitlist Rules for Time-Slot style events, when Auto-Promote is enabled:

  1. If a student cancels their registration, then the first student on the waitlist will automatically be registered to the free time-slot and they will receive the “Student Registered for Event from Waitlist” email notification.


  2. Any admin edit made to an event (removing a student from a time slot, adding another time slot, adding another schedule) will not auto-promote the first student from the waitlist to the time-slot that is available. The admin will need to either manually add the student to the available time-slot or email the student to register for the newly available slot.


  3. When an admin creates additional time slots, any student can sign up for those time slots regardless if they are on the waitlist or not. The admin can email the students on the waitlist to inform them of the new time-slots and encourage registration as soon as possible as the new time-slots are available to all students eligible for the event on a “first come first serve” basis.

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