Why is this event not visible to students?

This article discusses why an event may not be visible to students and how to check user role permissions.

  1. How to Troubleshoot Student Event Visibility
  2. How to Check User Role Permissions


How to Troubleshoot Student Event Visibility

  1. Check the Eligibility section of the event. To view the event, the student must be included in at least one Student Group listed in the Eligibility section. For more information on Student Groups, click here.


  2. Check the Publish Date in the Admin section of the event, to ensure it is visible to students. Even though an event is created and visible to admins, it may not be published and therefore viewable by students yet.

  3. Ask the student for a screenshot of the Events page. Have they applied any filters that may be filtering out the event they are looking for? Ensure they are on the All Events tab, and not the My Events tab.


How to Check User Role Permissions

  1. Navigate to Site Management
  2. Navigate to Manage Users
  3. Select Students & Alumni
  4. Select Roles
  5. Select the role you'd like to view to ensure the student’s user role has access to the proper event types

Please Note: Student User Roles that are available by default to the site, such as Full Access, cannot be edited. You can create a Custom User Role and assign the Custom User Role as needed. To learn more, please see this article

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