Why is this students resume not visible in Candidate Search?

If a student has uploaded a resume and it is not visible in Candidate Search, check the following:


Site Settings: On the Candidate Search site settings page, check to see if any Exclusion Settings are applied that filter out certain student resumes based on their reported outcome. To learn more about Candidate Search exclusionary settings, click here.


Opt Out: If your platform allows students to elect whether they want to be included in Candidate Search, be sure to check that the student has not opted out of Candidate Search. To view a students opt in status navigate to the Admin tab of the student profile, under Student Settings confirm Opt In Candidate Search is set to “Yes”.




Filters: Since Candidate Search offers admins and employers a plethora of filters, be sure to check that the student meets the criteria of the filters applied, and that they are not excluding the student’s resume.


Student User Role: Check the student’s user role to be sure that Candidate Search access is included. To learn more about student user roles, click here.

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