All Users - Changing Your Password on 12Twenty

This article can be used by Career Center Admins, Employer Users, and Student Users to change their passwords on 12Twenty. 

To change your password while logged into the site instance, you may do so following these easy steps:  

1. Select your name on the bottom of the home page, and then select Account Settings.  

2. Select the Edit icon to the right of Password. 


3. An Edit Password modal will appear; create a new password that meets all of the requirements (8 characters, one upper/lowercase letter, special character and number), confirm the password and select Save

4. You have now created a new password.  

If you forget your password when you attempt to login, select the Forgot Password link on the login screen. 

Enter your email address to have a reset password link sent to your email address. 

You may also have a School Administrator reset your password for you.

Looking for a guide specific to your user type? 
Check out: 
University Admins - Account Settings
Employer User - How to Change Your Password on 12Twenty

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