Accessing 12Twenty From China

From time to time, we hear reports of various issues accessing 12Twenty from within China due to the firewall which selectively blocks or limits access to foreign services. These issues may affect the ability to access specific components of the site that connect to our 3rd party integrations, such as Google/Office365 Calendar Sync, Stripe Payments or Google Captcha on login, or the entire site as a whole.

Ultimately, each users' success may be limited in unpredictable ways. To the user, it will appear as if the website is continually attempting to load. Because the user is not informed that the content is censored, they will usually reach out to the career center for help accessing the site.

While we do see sign in regularly from China, users may experience issues with some or all of the site, and this is unfortunately beyond our control.

Here are some tips on how to best address this issue:

  • If a user is unable to sign up to the site due to a failed Google Captcha security check, you can try creating an account on their behalf
  • Some users have reported using VPNs or the Tor browser to access the site successfully, however we are not able to provide specifics on solutions as the viability of these solutions change regularly

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