Reauthorizing Calendar Sync

There may be times when calendar sync needs to be reauthorized by users. Reasons for this include, but are not limited to: an updated account password, administrative change or permission revocation. 


When a sync failure has been detected, a notification email will be sent asking the user to reauthorize their account. It is important for users to take immediate action upon receiving the email to ensure continuity of the sync.


Steps to reauthorize calendar sync:


  1. Navigate to your Account Settings in a Chrome web browser.

  2. Edit and set all calendar sync options to No.

  3. Revoke access to your calendar via the "revoke" button.
  4. Close and quit your browser.

  5. Relaunch the Chrome web browser, and navigate to your Account Settings again. Re-authorize the calendar sync via the "authorize" button. Then edit your settings back to Yes for the calendar sync option(s).


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