Linking Job Postings for OCI

This article discusses how a university admin can link multiple job postings from the same employer within the same OCI Round. 


Linking Job Postings

If your employers would like to interview for multiple job postings in the same OCI Round, you can link the job postings together. 

Rules for linking job postings:

  • Must be active
  • Must have an open application status
  • Must be attached to the same employer
  • Must be part of the same OCI round

How to link a job posting:

  1. On the job posting you'd like to link, click the ellipsis button and select Link to Another OCI

  2. Confirm you’d like to link OCI job postings, by selecting OK


  3. Linked postings will be indicated with a link icon displayed on the Registration and Schedule tabs


  • Please Note: If you wish to link a non-OCI job posting, you will need to first convert the job posting to an OCI

  1. Once a job posting has been linked it will share registration and schedule details. Admins can designate specific time slots to the linked job postings by assigning the schedule slot to the job posting. If student self-selection of timeslots is enabled for your OCI, then students will only be able to select time slots assigned to the job posting they are interviewing for. 


How can I avoid linked jobs sharing a schedule?
You can assign the timeslots to a specific job posting. Please follow the instructions included above. 

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