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This article is intended for use by University/Career Center Admins. Use this article to link multiple job postings from the same Employer for an OCI campus visit.

If your employers would like to interview for multiple job postings in the same OCI campus visit, you can link the job postings together to streamline the schedule.

  • Note: Job postings must be active, in "application open" status, attached to the same employer, and associated with the same OCI round in order to be linked. 
  1. From step 2 of the OCI workflow (“Job Posting”), click on the “Action” button, and select “Link to Another OCI”

  2. Select the job posting you’d like to link, and click “Link”.

  3. Confirm you’d like to link OCI job postings, by selecting “OK".

  4. Linked postings will be indicated with a link icon displayed in steps 1 and 4 of the OCI workflow (“Registration” and “Schedule”)

  • Note: If you wish to link a regular job to the OCI, you will need to first convert the job posting to an OCI

  1. Once a job posting has been linked it will share not only registration details, but will also share schedule details. Therefore, school admins may elect to designate specific time slots to specific job postings to allow for students to select only time slots dedicated for their interviews (if student time slot self-selection has been enabled for your OCI). To specify a specific job posting for a selected..

Time slot

  1. Click the ellipsis button next to selected time slots, and select “Assign Job Posting”.
  2. Select the appropriate job posting from the drop down, and click “Assign”.
  3. Dedicated job postings will display in the “Job Posting” column.


  1. Check the box to select all timeslots within a room
  2. Click “Room Actions”, and select “Assign Job Posting”.
  3. Select the appropriate job posting from the drop down, and click “Assign”
  4. Dedicated job postings will display in the “Job Posting” column

  • Note: If a time slots is not assigned to a job posting, any student extended an interview (regardless of which linked job posting they were extended an interview for) will be able to select the time slot.


Q: If two job postings have been linked together, and I do not want them to share a schedule, what do I do?

A: You have to make two schedules, assign one job posting to the first schedule, and the other job posting to the second schedule:

  1. Access the schedule for the  
  2. next to "interview time" click the checkbox to select all times in the schedule, then click on room actions and select "assign to job posting. you'll choose the relevant posting from the picklist that appears in the popup window and select assign.
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