How to customize an individual OCI’s timeline

An employer may request for a university admin to make changes to a specific period. This article discusses how to customize an individual employer's OCI timeline. 


How to customize OCI Periods for a specific employer

You can change the start and end times for a specific employer's OCI periods by following the instructions below.  

  1. Navigate to the specific OCI you’d like to edit.

  2. Select the Registration tab and click Edit

  3. Update OCI period details as appropriate, and click “Save”

Please note: Period dates and times cannot overlap, so you will also have to change the period dates after the “Employer Decision Period”  if you make a change to that period. 

If this functionality is not enabled for your platform, and you are not able to edit the period start/end dates or times for an individual employer’s OCI registration, please contact the Support Team by creating a new Support Ticket.



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