Event Engagement Metrics

12Twenty uses Google Analytics to provide insight into student traffic to an event. Once an admin user posts an event, admins can track the amount of student traffic to understand which students are viewing, which students have clicked apply/register, and which students have submitted an application/registered.



Engagement Metrics

The amount of times an event has been viewed by students is displayed on the upper right of the specific job post with an eye symbol and the number of views registered.




Views and Registrations

When selecting “Views” a new window will appear with the Events Metrics table, which will provide more details on metrics about the event. 


Students: the student’s name, program, graduation year and student group.

Views: the number of times that a specific student has viewed the event.

Registered: the date the student registered for the event.





Why does this event have 0 views even though students have registered?

There are 2 possibilities why the metrics are displaying as 0 (or have fewer views than expected).

  1. If the student has an Ad Blocker enabled, Google Analytics does not capture the view.

  1. The event has been live for more than 4 - 6 weeks. After a few weeks, Google Analytics uses “Sampling of Data”, and thus “views” are lower than expected. We encourage you to use the metrics data the first month the job is posted. To read more about the ways Google approaches sampling, click here.


Whose views of an event are being tracked? Only students, or admin and employer users also?”

Only views from student users are being tracked.


Does the Views Metric track unique views of an event or is Google Analytics counting the total number of times a post has been viewed? When we see 50 views, is it possible some of those views are duplicates from the same student?

Google Analytics is counting the total number of times the post has been viewed, so if a single student views the event 5 times, the total number of views count will increase by 5. When you click on “views” in an event, you will see the results of every student who has viewed and registered for the event.


Can I include views in an Event Custom Report?

Due to the fact that 12Twenty uses Google Analytics to track views and clicks for job listings and events, we do not store a record of each click or view directly in our database. As such, this information is unable to be included in Custom Reports. To view engagement metrics on an event, navigate directly to the event.



Update (09/12/2022): Job Analytics has moved to its own section within Job Postings and OCI. Please see our release notes

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