Where do pending Employers originate?

This article explores how pending employers are added to your platform. 


Pending Employers

You can reject or approve Employers by selecting Notifications > Employers from your left-hand navigation menu. From the Employer Approval menu, the Source column will show how the employer was added to the platform. You can also use the Employer Create Source filter by employer source.

Employers can be added to your platform through a variety of ways:

Outcome Survey Student user adds Employer to their Outcome
Target Employer Student user adds Employer to their Targeted Employer List
Employer User Sign Up Employer user signs up for the site using the /hire site URL
Job Posting Employer user adds a new employer to a job posting (i.e. employer users can post jobs on behalf of other employers)
Event Employer user adds a new employer to Employer Name on the Event form
Experiential Learning Student user adds a new employer to the Experiential Learning form
Contact Student user adds new Employer on the Contact creation form
Employer User Account Update Employer user updates their record on https://employer.12twenty.com/
Outcome Upload  Admin adds a new employer through an Outcome Upload


Admin users can add an Employer to the Employer Directory. To learn how to add a new Employer, click here.


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