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With the Class of 2023 ABA & NALP Employment Reporting period upon us, 12twenty is here to ensure that you are fully supported! 

This Resource “Hub” is dedicated to providing you with all the tools you need in one place - from 12twenty tutorials to ABA & NALP direct links - to help users at every level. New team members starting their 12twenty journey, anyone who needs a “refresher” of the system’s capabilities, and those interested in deepening their understanding of the 12twenty tools.

We're here to help! Email support@12twenty.com with questions or if you need further guidance.



Overview Resources


Finalizing Your Data Collection for the Class of 2023

  1. How to enter an outcome on behalf of a student
  2. Approving Student Reported Outcomes 
  3. How to Edit an Outcome / Fix an Outlier
  4. How to add in an Outcome Note
  5. How do I copy an ‘At Grad’ outcome to create a ‘10 Month’ outcome?
  6. What determines short-term vs. long-term employment?
  7. How do I classify a student as unknown?
  8. Exclude an Outcome from Reporting


Auditing Your Data

  1. ABA Checklist for Graduate Employment Files (Class of 2023)
  2. Why is a student classified as “Employment Status Unknown”?
  3. What does “Start Date Deferred” mean?
  4. What does “Employed - Undeterminable” mean?
  5. Which outcomes are not included in reporting?
  6. Audit Your ABA Data


Submitting Your Data into the EQ Portal 

  1. Download 12Twenty's ABA Export Report
  2. Submit your Employment Questionnaire (EQ) in the ABA Quest System (Video Walkthrough)
  3. Lock Your Survey in 12twenty after Submission
  4. ABA Employment Summary for 2023 Graduates


Random Graduate Review

  1. Find the Selected Student Using the ABA Graduate ID
  2. Download and Submit Your Outcome Audit Logs
  3. How to Upload Files Selected for Random Graduate Review (Video Walkthrough)



Overview Resources

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