Email Template Builder: Setting up an Email Template

Email Template Builder: Setting up an Email Template 

12twenty’s rich Email Editor gives you the ability to create dynamic and engaging email content for all of your constituents. You can select your personalized colors, insert images, link to important URLs, and so much more!

Here is an example of an email that can be created and sent through 12twenty. 

Follow the steps below to get started!

STEP 1 - Go to Site Management -> Email Templates -> Click “Create Template” 

STEP 2 - Fill in the Basics section on the Email Template creation screen
This information is for your internal use and will be listed on the main Email Templates page. The Template Name will also be helpful as you are sending emails from 12twenty.

  • Template Name: Enter a name for the template. Pro-Tip: Template names are searchable and appear as drop-down choices throughout the system.

  • Description: Enter a description for the template.

  • Recipient Type: Select if the email template is to be used for emails sent to Students or Employer Users.

STEP 3 - Create your email in the “Email Content” section

STEP 4 - Add attachments by choosing a file or drag and drop the file into the "Attachments" section

STEP 5 - Once the information above is complete, you may select “Send Me a Test Email” via the ellipsis button at the top of the page to view the email before saving it.

STEP 6 -  Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen and use the Email Template throughout the system to email students, alumni, and employers.

Let's Get Started!

Copy and paste the template below into the “Email Content” section and customize the template to your liking:

  • Update the logo with your School logo

  • Update the “Header Image” with your preferred image

    • Make all images a max width of 600 pixels wide

  • Center the School Logo, Header Image, and Title

  • Change the font to match your preferred font

  • Change the colors to match your school’s Hex Code.

  • Change the Title and Subtitles to match your preferred content

  • Use your own “Button” images or content as desired (include your favorite Giphy!)

  • Add in a horizontal line break between each section of content
  • Add in emojis by copying and pasting from this resource 
  • Center the content in the Footer section

  • Update the footer with your School’s contact information

  • Link the Social Media Icons in the footer to your School’s social media. 


Prestigious University logo



Subtitle #1

Text goes here


< Add Image / Informational Flyer Here >

Subtitle #2

Overview Topic

  • Outline points here


Office Name

Office Email and Phone Number

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