Alumni ODA Attribute Configuration

The Alumni ODA module allows schools to capture additional job data from Alumni. The module introduces the ‘Work Experience’ Job Phase which allows for Career Center users to customize the Alumni surveys in the same way surveys are customized for current students.


By default, the Alumni ODA module will only be visible to 12twenty admin users, which allows for the Career Center user team to update the various Work Experience surveys and add any custom attributes to the survey forms. Schools can also take advantage of 12twenty’s Survey on Login for Attributes functionality to capture new information to include in the Alumni users’ profiles.


Customizing Alumni Profile Attributes

When customizing user profile attributes that are only applicable for Alumni users, it is especially important to ensure all attribute visibility settings are configured properly. For Alumni profile attributes, you will want to ensure your team is taking advantage of 12twenty’s Student Group functionality, so you can make specific attributes only visible to users who are part of the designated Alumni Student Group. Once the Alumni Student Group is created, you can bulk assign users to this group via the Student Directory. 


Customizing Alumni Outcome Attributes

Student Groups are not required to customize attributes for the Work Experience survey. By default, only Alumni users (the ‘Alumni’ status is calculated based on the graduation date associated with a user’s graduation term) will have access to the Work Experience Job Phase. 

When creating Alumni-specific survey attributes, the only requirement is to add an ‘Outcome Association’ for the Work Experience job phase. This means the attribute being created will only apply to that phase, which by default, is only available to Alumni users. If you would like to add a custom attribute that is applicable on a specific survey within the Work Experience Job Phase, you will want to ensure the Outcome applicability has the Work Experience Outcome Phase selected, as well as the specific Outcome type. 

Once you have created all desired custom attributes, please notify your Product Specialist and they will make the Alumni ODA module live for students! Please be sure to also configure Survey on Login for Alumni if applicable.


If you have any additional questions, and you are currently onboarding the Alumni ODA module, please contact

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