Preparing to Start Your Onboarding


Hello and welcome to the 12twenty family!

We're looking forward to guiding you through your implementation and helping you become 12twenty pros! To best prepare you to start your 12twenty Implementation, we've outlined the beginning of the onboarding process. While these do not need to be completed prior to your Kick-Off, we do recommend forming a plan for acquiring, cleaning, and organizing data; acquiring images for logos and the background image; and a name for your site.


  1. Site Configuration Details
  2. Programs and Majors
  3. Collecting and Cleaning Data
  4. Other Data Values
  5. Site Branding
  6. Single Sign-On (SSO)



Let's meet the 12twenty Onboarding Team

Together, the 12twenty Onboarding Team will work alongside you, your colleagues, and the 12twenty Data Team to prepare you to launch your site! You may have already received a message to schedule your 12twenty Kick-Off; if so, you already know who your Implementation Manager is going to be. 

KC_Headshot.png SB_Headshot.png AB_Headshot.png RD_Headshot.png
Kyle Casey Sam Buckingham Anastina Bakke Roy Dawes
Enablement Sr. Implementation Manager Implementation Manager Implementation Manager


The 12twenty Onboarding & Implementation team can be reached via or by creating a ticket through the 12twenty Academy.  



Preparing For Implementation

All 12twenty sites are custom to your Career Center, but there is some information the Implementation Team will need to publish your site. Your Implementation Manager will help you navigate the migration process, but there are some items that can help jump-start your 12twenty Implementation. 




Site Configuration Details

Graduation Years

The span of graduation years for your site. New Graduation Years will be added to your site as they are needed. 

Example: Graduation Years from 1995 to 2025

Graduation Terms

The names of terms that students graduate with.

Examples include "Spring," "Summer," "Fall," and "Winter."

* Configured by the 12twenty Implementation Team

Program and Major information

This will differ based on the configuration of your site, reporting standards, and the programs of students that utilize your Career Center. Details about these values are below.

* "Program" is configured by the 12twenty Implementation Team

College / School

For 4-year undergraduate, 2-year (or more) graduate, and other programs, a college value is required. This is not necessary for Business or Law schools.

Examples include "School of Business," "College of Liberal Arts," and "School of Communication."



Programs and Majors

All 12twenty Partners have Programs and Majors that are specific to their students. To account for this, your Programs, Majors, Minors, and Joint Degrees are customizable.

Business Schools Career Centers:

Only the "Program" value is used. Examples of this value would be:

- Full-Time MBA
- Part-Time MBA
- Executive MBA
- Masters of Accounting

Law School Career Centers:

Only the "Program" value is used. Examples of this value would be:

- JD
- JD and LLM
- Reciprocity

Undergraduate and Graduate Career Centers:
This includes 4-year Undergraduate Programs, 2-year (or more) Graduate Programs, Specialized Programs, Technology Schools, Trade Schools, and more. If you are unsure about how to classify your career center, please reach out to the Onboarding Team.

The "Major" field is broken up into two sets of values: "Detailed Major" and "Consolidated Major." 

Detailed Major represents major-specific values like "Economics," "Anthropology," and "Political Science"

Consolidated Major represents the consolidation of your Detailed Majors. For example, "Economics," "Anthropology," and "Political Science," would all be mapped (consolidated) to "Social Sciences."

mceclip0.pngPlease see "12twenty Majors and CIP Code Mapping Template" attached at the end of this article
To learn more about Majors and CIP Code Picklists on 12twenty, please see this resource


Collecting and Cleaning Data

All 12twenty sites have a minimum data requirement. These requirements will differ based on the types of students you serve and which modules are included on your site. Data minimums may change throughout your onboarding process as your team and Implementation Manager discover the information you would like to be able to report on. 

Student data requirements will vary based on the students that your Career Center serves. If your students are returning for a second degree and you expect them to be present on your platform more than once, the data must be uploaded using 12twenty's Multiple Enrollment feature

Business School Career Centers:

- First (Preferred) Name
- Legal (Registered) First Name
- Last Name
- Program
- Graduation Year
- Graduation Term

Law School Career Centers:

- First (Preferred) Name
- Legal (Registered) First Name
- Last Name
- Program
- Graduation Year
- Graduation Term

Undergraduate and Graduate Schools Career Centers:

- First (Preferred) Name
- Legal (Registered) First Name
- Last Name
- Detailed Major
- College / School
- Graduation Year
- Graduation Term

Employers (Companies)

- Company Name

Contacts (Recruiters)
To upload contacts, their employer ("Company Name") must already exist on the platform. If you are uploading your own data, please ensure to upload Employers before uploading Contacts.

- First Name
- Last Name
- Email Address
- Company Name


Other Data Values

All 12twenty sites utilize "Picklists," otherwise known as, "Value Lists" to support dropdown menus. Many picklists are configurable and some are mapped to standard values. For example, Business Schools would take their custom Industry values and map them to the MBA CSEA Standard values.

For a more detailed look at Picklists and Mapping, please take a look at the "Mapped Picklist Configuration" article.

All 12twenty Sites

The following Picklists are mapped:

- Clubs & Organizations
- Job Source

Business Schools Career Centers:

The following Picklists are mapped:

- Industry
- Job Function

Law School Career Centers:

The following Picklists are mapped:

- Practice Area

Undergraduate and Graduate Career Centers:

The following Picklists are mapped:

- Major
- Job Function


Site Branding

Your 12twenty site supports custom branding with a name, site logo, university or school logo, and a background image. Detailed information about branding your 12twenty site can be found here

Site Name

The name for your site is completely customizable and also includes an optional acronym. Examples:

  • RAP: Reporting and Analytics Platform
  • CORE: Career Opportunities, Resources, and Experiences
  • EagleOps: Eagle Opportunities
  • PHLEX: Public Health, Leadership, and Experience Exchange


Site Logo

  • Image Size: 180x45
  • File Types Accepted: gif, png
  • Max File Size: 25kb
  • Please make sure your image background is transparent


University Logo

  • Image Size: 180x45
  • File Types Accepted: gif, png
  • Max File Size: 25kb
  • Please make sure your image background is transparent


Background Image

  • Image Format: JPG
  • Max File Size: 800kb
  • Max Image Dimensions: 1920x1080
  • Minimum Image Dimensions: 1280x800



Single Sign-On (SSO)

12twenty supports SSO-only and Concurrent (SSO + Email/Password) login for students and career center users.


Common SSO configurations include:

  • Shibboleth - SAML 2.0
  • InCommon
  • Azure
  • CAS


For SAML 2.0 and Azure type configuration, 12twenty accepts the following SAML Attributes:


Please see the 12twenty SSO Documentation at the end of this article

For a detailed overview of 12twenty SSO, available integrations, SAML Attributes, and more, please follow this link



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