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12twenty's In-App Video provides Career Centers and Employers native support for Virtual Interviews, Job Fairs, Company Presentations, Events, and more. 

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In-App Video provides users with high-resolution video, virtual and blurred backgrounds, screen sharing, and microphone background noise reduction while simplifying access with secure no-login required video conferencing. 

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Configuring In-App Video

General Events

Virtual events using In-App video must have an Event Format set as Virtual. This will enable the virtual meeting configuration option on the Event's main page. 

  1. Save the Event Format as Virtual and save the event configuration. 
  2. Select the three-dot Action Button in the Virtual Meeting Configuration bar
  3. Select 12twenty

Schedules (Interviews, Events, Job Fairs)

In-App Video can be used on all schedules within OCI/Interviews, Time Slot Events, and Job Fairs. For all schedules, Room Actions configures a schedule as virtual and In-App Video is set on each individual room. 

  1. Edit the schedule's rooms by selecting Room Actions
  2. Check the box for Virtual and save the room's configuration
  3. Select the three-dot Action Button in the Virtual Meeting Configuration bar
  4. Select 12twenty

Pre-Configured Virtual OCI Rounds

Interview/OCIs can be pre-configured as fully virtual when creating or updating the OCI Round. To do so, please use the following workflow:

  1. Create or edit an OCI Round via Site Settings
  2. Set "Will all schedules be virtual and use 12twenty video?" to Yes and save the OCI Round
  3. As OCI Registrations and OCI Job Postings are assigned a schedule, the schedule will automatically be configured using 12twenty In-App Video.



  • If you are unable to set any virtual meeting configurations, please ensure the Virtual Event has a "Virtual Format" set to "Virtual" or the schedule's "Room" is set to "Virtual."
  • If 12twenty In-App Video is not appearing as an option in your platform:
    • Be sure that In-App Video is enabled for your platform
    • Review the Event or Schedule configuration



I don't have "12twenty" as an option for Virtual Events, Job Fairs, or Interviews, why?
12twenty In-App Video is a platform Add-On. If you would like more information about adding this functionality to your platform, please reach out to

Why isn't In-App Video automatically applied to my Virtual Events? 
Virtual Events and Job Fairs must be configured to use 12twenty In-App video. 

Why isn't In-App Video automatically applied to my OCIs or Interviews? 
Please ensure that "Will all schedules be virtual and use 12twenty video?" is set to "Yes" within the specific OCI Round. 

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