How to manage the Resource Library

The Resource Library allows Career Center Admins to upload and organize resources for students on any topic, in a variety of formats. Admins can add files or links to videos, and keep these items organized in folders. 

To upload an item to the Resource Library, use the Action button to view your uploading options.

Adding a File: The resource library accepts a wide variety of file types, including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, videos, and more. To upload a file: 

  1. Select “Add File” from the Action drop down.

  2. On the new window that appears, select the file you want to upload from your computer and label it with a name.

  1. Select “Submit” to upload the file.

Adding a Link: 

  1. To share a link via the resource library, select “Add Link” from the Action drop down. 

  2. On the new window that appears enter the name and URL of the link and select “Submit”.

Adding a Folder: Folders are the best way to keep your resource library organized. 

  • Pro tip: For optimal organization, you should always ensure that folders are created before individual files or links are uploaded.

To add a folder to the resource library:

  1. Select “Add Folder” from the Action drop down. 

  2. Name your folder and select “Submit”.

To upload files to a specific folder:

  1. Select the specific folder from the Resource Library home page.

  1. Select the “Action” button and choose Add File, Add Link, or Add Folder (to create a sub-folder).

  • Pro Tip: Admins can generate a sharable link for a folder or file and send it to career center users or students by selecting the ellipsis next to the folder or file and selecting the appropriate link.


Q: Can we move files between folders?

A: No, at present, if a file is in the incorrect folder, you will need to delete it and re-upload it to the correct folder

Q: Can we reorganize the order of the folders?

A: No, at present, it is not possible to reorganize the order of the folders.

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