Adding a Campaign

Campaigns are an easy way to organize and group together the tasks, meetings and notes you create on the 12Twenty platform. 

To create a campaign:

  1. Select Activity Stream from the left navigation panel.

  2. Select the "+ Add New" button to the right of "Campaigns" in the grey “Filters” box.


  1. A new "Add Campaign" window will appear. Enter the campaign name and a visibility setting (either “Myself” or “Myself and other career advisors”), then select the Add Campaign button.


  1. Your new campaign will now appear in the Campaigns box. 

To assign a note, task or meeting to a campaign:

  1. Select the specific task, note or meeting then select the pencil icon to edit the activity.

  1. A new window will appear, on the “Campaigns” field, select the dropdown menu then select the campaign you want to assign the activity to, and select “Save”.

 To view activities that are associated with a campaign, select a specific campaign from the Campaigns box, and any associated activity will display on the right side.


 How to edit or delete a campaign:

When hovering over a campaign in the Campaigns box on the Activity Stream page, a pencil and trash icon appear.

  • Edit: Selecting the pencil icon allows users to edit the name or visibility settings of a campaign.

  • Delete: Selecting the trash icon allows users to delete the campaign from the Campaign box and removes the association between the campaign and activities. Note that deleting a campaign will not delete the activities that are associated with it, it will simply remove that campaign from the “Campaign” field of each associated activity.  

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