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12twenty Access

The Employer User Account that you've created grants access to the 12twenty for Employers platform and all 12twenty partner sites using a single sign-on login method. This means your email and password can be used across all of 12twenty!


Creating your 12twenty account via a partner site or the 12twenty for Employers site will immediately connect your account with your employer. To power your 12twenty Employer User Account, 12twenty will use your name, email address, and company name to connect you to your employer within the 12twenty for Employer database and 12twenty partner sites. 

As an Employer User, your account will be assigned Administrator or Associate access levels. To learn more about access levels and permission, please take a look at 12twenty for Employers: User Roles. 


12twenty Employer and Recruiter Login

Logging into your 12twenty Employer Account is easy! Please use your Single Sign-On email address and password combination. Please note that the login window may look different based on the 12twenty partner site. 

Site Login Example
12twenty for Employers mceclip0.png
Example 12twenty Partner Site mceclip3.png



Employer Managed Profile

Your company may be represented on multiple 12twenty sites because current students or alumni may be employed with you. Your 12twenty Company Profile allows you to have consistent messaging and branding across all 12twenty sites where an Employer Profile represents your company. 

Here is an example of what your Company Profile could look like on a 12twenty Partner site:


To make changes to your company profile, you can log-in to the 12twenty for Employers platform or by selecting "Company Profile" from a 12twenty Partner site:


After transferring to the 12twenty for Employers site, please navigate to "Company Profile," and select "Profile."Pasted_Image_8_12_22__17_45.png

All information uploaded to your Company Profile can be synchronized to 12twenty partner sites



What data is collected about me during sign-up? 

Data points collected for sign-up include:
- First Name
- Last Name
- Email Address
- Phone Number
- Job Title
- Employer Name


What data is collected about my employer during sign-up?

The following data points are collected:
- Company Name
- Company Address


How is my sign-up data used?

We use your sign-up data for the following:
- To ensure you have been connected to the correct Employer
- To represent your account within 12twenty partner sites
- Granting access to Employer Managed Profiles


What will 12twenty Partners see when I sign up?

12twenty partner sites will show your name, employer, job title, and email address. Once you sign-up, 12twenty partners may receive a notification similar to the image below:


Who can see my information?

Depending on the 12twenty partners' configuration, your information may be shared with their students and alumni. Please reach out to your contact who represents the sites your information appears on if you would like to inquire or change your information's visibility. 


Will you sell my data?

We do not rent, sell or otherwise provide your personal information to third parties without your consent, except as described in the 12twenty Privacy Policy or as required by law.



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