Employer FAQ

  1. What is the 12twenty network?
    12twenty Network is a site for employers to reach multiple schools within the 12twenty network.

  2. How do I post a job?
    To post a job, navigate to Add Job Post page, fill in all required fields, select the schools you would like to post to and submit.

  3. I posted a Network job, how do I know if the school received the posting?
    You will receive a confirmation email that the job post has been submitted to your chosen schools. Each school will have 6 days to review and approve a posting. If the school does not approve or reject the posting by day 6, it will be automatically approved and added to the school job board.

  4. How long will my 12twenty Network Job Posting be active?
    Network jobs are active on school sites for 30 calendar days with 6 days added for school admins to approve the posting.

  5. Can I edit a Job Post?
    Yes. Navigate to the job post you would like to edit and from the “Action” menu, select “Edit.” Any changes to the job posting will be applied to the post on all school sites immediately.

  6. Can I add additional schools to my 12twenty Network Job Post?
    Schools can only be added while the job post is in draft status. Once the post is submitted, no additional schools can be added.

  7. My Job Posting was rejected by a school. Can I resubmit the post to that school?
    When a school rejects a job posting, you will receive a notification along with a reason for rejection if the school has included it. If rejected, a Network Job post cannot be resubmitted. The only way to resubmit is to create a new job post and select the school again.

  8. Can I close my job posting early?
    Network job postings can be deactivated. The post will no longer be visible to students on school sites. Admins of the schools will still see the job as “Inactive.” No refunds are offered for job postings that have been deactivated.

  9. I did not receive the volume of applicants I anticipated from my 12Twenty Network Job Post, can I receive a refund?
    12Twenty does not guarantee that all 12twenty Network job posts will receive applicants, and refunds are not available. You can contact 12twenty Network Support to better target schools and optimize job post results.

  10. My 12twenty Network Job Post was renewed, can I receive a refund?
    The Job Post form allows users to decline the automatic repost functionality by de-selecting the checkbox for "Automatically repost my job at the end of the application period;" therefore, refunds are not available. You can contact 12twenty Network Support for more information.


NOTE: Job post owners are responsible for the quality and accuracy of the job post. 12Twenty is not responsible for job postings that contain misspelled words, typographical errors, or garbled text, and does not offer refunds on these grounds.


Still have questions? We're here to help. Email us at support@12twenty.com 

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