Job Network School Administrator FAQ

  1. What is the 12Twenty network?
    12twenty network is a site for employers to reach multiple schools in the 12twenty network.

  2. How do I enable/disable participation in the 12twenty network?
    Contact 12Twenty Enterprise team at

  3. What do I receive if I enable multi-post for my school?
    You’ll receive job listings for your students from the 12twenty network specific to your vertical.

  4. Can I edit a job post?
    No. You are only able to deactivate a 12twenty network job posting after it has been approved.

  5. Will I be able to approve jobs that come from the 12Twenty network?
    Yes. 12Twenty network jobs follow the same approval process as current job posts on your school’s site. You will receive 6 days to approve or reject jobs from the network. After 6 days, the job posting will be automatically approved.

  6. How will 12twenty network jobs or jobs posted from the Employer Portal be distinguished from school site job postings?
    12Twenty network jobs and jobs from the Employer Portal will include:
     - A globe icon on the job postings list and next to the job title

    - On the job posting itself, you will see a blue box indicating it is from the network. 
    Please note: The globe icon will not display for multi-school interviews. For additional information on multi-school interviews, please see this article

  7. Where do 12twenty network jobs come from?
    Jobs from the 12twenty network come from verified partners. If you have a concern about a 12twenty network job, you can contact and give the admin URL to the job posting.
  8. How will I be able to distinguish new employers added by 12twenty network jobs?
    The "Added By" column will show "12twenty Platform" with the email "". This used to display "Service Service" but was updated to "12twenty Platform" in February 2024. 

  9. Why are some 12twenty network jobs missing details?
    12twenty network jobs may be missing some details, but our team is working on additional mapping for these fields.

  10. Why am I receiving more 12twenty network job postings than usual?
    In February 2024, we expanded our job network to bring your students more relevant jobs. This may result in more jobs being delivered to your site than usual. 

  11. Why do we see external URLs for network jobs that start with
    12twenty network jobs will always include external URLs that start with because it is the redirect URL we use. If you have an additional concern about the site that the link redirects you to, please reach out to

  12. When I'm approving a network job, where are the values for Industry, Job Function, Practice Area, and Employment Type coming from?
    When an employer posts a job from the employer portal, they select from the ‘Core’ values picklist for these values, which are then automatically mapped on your site based on the existing picklist option mapping. For example, 'Core' industry maps to site instance consolidated industry which maps to the site instance detailed industry. In this example, you can replace “industry” with function, practice area, and employment type and it will work the same way. For more details on picklist mapping, please see this article. 
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