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This article covers the new Email Activity page, where admin users can track data on all emails sent from their 12twenty platform, as well as insights on email analytics.


Navigating to Email Activity

  1. To navigate to the Email Activity page, select Site Management on the left hand navigation panel
  2. In the accordion menu that expands, select Email Activity



Who has access to the Email Activity page? Admin users with the "School Administrator" user role, as well as any admin assigned to a custom user role with the 'Can Manage Email Activity' permission enabled.


Email Activity Page

The email activity page lists out all outbound emails sent from your 12twenty platform. 



Available Filters

  • Recipient: Filter by any recipient's email address to view all emails sent to that user
  • Keyword: Filter by keyword or phrase to return all emails where that keyword is used in the subject or body of an email
  • Sender: Filter by any sender's email address to view all emails sent by that user
  • # of Recipients: Filter by number of recipients to view emails by the total count of recipients (note that this count includes any CC/BCC recipients)
  • Date: Filter by the sent date of emails
  • Email Type: Filter by "User Generated" emails (ad-hoc emails sent manually by a user) or "System Notifications" (automatic notifications sent by the system)



  • Message: Displays the subject of the email as a selectable link, a preview snippet of the email body, the date/time the email was sent, and the recipient's email for single recipient emails or the total number of recipients for emails sent to more than one person.
  • Sender: Displays the name of each email's sender. For system notifications, the default "" email is displayed.
  • (currently in beta) Status:
    • For single recipient emails, the relevant email delivery status will be displayed. Possible delivery statuses include Processing, Delivered, Not Delivered, and Bounced.
    • For multiple recipient emails, the relevant status for the email campaign is displayed as In Progress or Sent. For individual recipient delivery statuses, select the email to view more details.
  • (currently in beta) Opens: Displays the number of opens for each email. Opens are registered when a user views an email.
  • (currently in beta) Clicks: Displays the number of clicks for each email. A click is registered when a user selects any link included in an email's body.


Email Details - Single Recipient


  1. To view details on an email sent to a single recipient, select the Subject line of that email on the main Email Activity page. 
  2. You will be directed to an Overview page that includes the view and click data for that email, as well as an Email Content section with all relevant data on the original email message. 
  3. Select "Back to List" in the top right hand corner to navigate back to the Email Activity page.




Email Details - Multiple Recipients


Overview tab

  1. To view details on an email sent to multiple recipients, select the Subject line of that email from the main Email Activity page.
  2. You will be directed to an Overview tab that includes three tiles: Recipients (displays the total number of recipients), Open Rate (displays the Open Rate as well as the total number of opens), and Click Rate (displays the Click Rate as well as the total number of clicks). Below the tiles, the Email Content section includes all relevant data on the original email message.
  3. Select the Recipients tab to view all of the email's recipients. From here, you can search for any recipient by email address as well as view individual Delivery Statuses, Opens, and Clicks.
  4. Select "Back to List" in the top right hand corner to navigate back to the Email Activity page.





  1. Why does my view rate seem low?
    12twenty uses the industry standard method, a small invisible image embedded in each email, to capture views on email campaigns. As such, view tracking will not work if users hide images in emails by default via their email client. This can sometimes lead to an undercount of email views on a campaign.

  2. What is the difference between a "Bounced" and "Not Delivered" email?
    Bounced means that the receiving server could not or would not accept the message. If a recipient has previously unsubscribed from your emails, your attempt to send them is bounced.

    Not Delivered means that the email was dropped, an email will be dropped when the contact on that email is in one of your suppression (unsubscribed) groups, the recipient email previously bounced, or that recipient has marked your email as spam.
  3. Why do bounces occur?
    Common reasons bounces can occur are invalid email, email blocked by receiving server, invalid domain name, blocked email, the recipient's inbox is full, email size, or temporary server issue.
  4. What do I do if an email bounces?
    If an email has bounced, verify that you are using the correct email for the recipient. If it is the correct email, they may have been added to the 12twenty bounce list. Please reach out to and include the user's email so that we can remove them from the bounce list. 



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