Activity Filters

This article covers the student & contact Activity Filters available for admin use throughout the platform. To enable Activity Filters for your platform, please reach out to


Activity Filters

Activity filters allow admins to search by actions taken in the platform by students and/or contacts. For example, an admin may search for all students who have booked a General Career Coaching appointment in the last 100 days, or students who have registered for any career fair this academic year.


Pro Tip: Activity Filters can be set to "Exclude" as well! This can be helpful for searches such as "show me all students who have not booked a 1L Intake Appointment yet."




The student and contact activity filters can be found in the following areas of the platform:

  • Student & Alumni Directory
  • Contact Directory
  • Custom Student Reports
  • Custom Contact Reports
  • Miscellaneous other Custom Reports (reports where admins may filter on student attributes)


Student Activity Filters

  1. Advising Appointment: Filter for booked appointments by appointment type and appointment date.
  2. Event Registration: Filter for event registrations by event type and event date.
  3. Experience Submitted: Filter for Experiential Learning experience submissions by Create Date.
  4. Internship Reported Outcome: Filter for internship job phase outcome status.
  5. Join Date: Filter by the date students first accessed their 12twenty account.
  6. Last Login Date: Filter by the date of a student's last login to the system.
  7. Post Grad Reported Outcome: Filter for post grad job phase outcome status.
  8. Resume Uploaded: Filter for resumes uploaded by date of upload.
  9. Target Employer: Filter for specific targeted employers by date added.


Contact Activity Filters

  1. Candidate Search Access Granted: Filter for candidate search access by date of access granted.
  2. Event Created: Filter for contacts who have created events by event type and Create Date.
  3. Join Date: Filter by the date that employer users signed up to the platform.
  4. Last Login Date: Filter by the date of an employer user's last login to the system.
  5. Participated in Event: Filter for event participation (this includes being an event creator, an assigned event owner, an "employer in attendance", a career fair registrant, or an additional career fair registrant) by Event Type and date.
  6. Posted a Job: Filter for job postings by job type (regular job posting or On-Campus Interview) and Submit Date.
  7. Registered for a Job Fair: Filter for job fair regsitrations by Event Type and date.





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