How do I move, edit, or copy an appointment block?

Appointment Blocks can be edited, moved, and duplicated directly through the Appointments module. Please follow the steps outlined below.



  1. Editing Appointment Blocks
  2. Resizing Appointment Blocks
  3. Move or Copy a Block

đŸ’¡ Please note, editing or otherwise altering an Appointment Block that is associated with a set of recurring Appointment Blocks will only affect the individual Appointment Block being manipulated. To alter a set of recurring Appointment Blocks, you must delete the Appointment Block and create a new recurring Appointment Block.


Editing Appointment Blocks

  1. Navigate to the Appointments page and select the specific block you want to edit.

  2. In the new window that appears, select the ellipsis button, and choose Edit

  3. Apply any edits/changes and select Save Block


Resizing Appointment Blocks

You can also resize an appointment block as long as it does not overlap with another appointment block from the same user.  Simply click and hold the top or bottom of the block, and drag to resize.


Move or Copy a Block

You can also move or copy a block by following these steps:

  1. Click on an existing appointment block

  2. Hold, drag, and drop the block to a new time and/or date

  3. In the window that appears, select the preferred option (Move or Copy) *Please note that you may only move a block that is completely unbooked.







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