Rescheduling Appointments

Appointments can be rescheduled by both Career Center Users (Admins) and Students. This article will discuss how Admin Users can reschedule an Appointment on behalf of a Student User.


  1. Rescheduling with Click-and-Drag
  2. Rescheduling via the Appointment Editor
  3. Rescheduling an Appointment on an Appointment Block
  4. Frequently Asked Questions


Rescheduling an Appointment with Click-and-Drag

  1. Find the Appointment that needs to be rescheduled

  2. Click-and-drag the Appointment to a new time and/or date.

  3. A pop-up will appear to confirm the rescheduled Appointment.

  4. The Student or Alumni will receive another Appointment Scheduled notification if the rescheduled Appointment is in the future.


Rescheduling an Appointment via the Appointment Editor

  1. Select the Appointment that needs to be rescheduled

  2. Select the three-dot action button and choose Edit

  3. Select a new Time as well as a Duration and Appointment Type, if necessary.
  4. Save


Rescheduling an Appointment on an Appointment Block

When rescheduling an Appointment that was scheduled on an Appointment Block, the appointment will lose its relationship with the Block and exist as a separate entity, like a Single Appointment, if you do not place the Appointment into the same Appointment Block it originated from.

The Appointment Block's availability will refresh and provide Student or Alumni Users the ability to select that time as long as the Advisor does not have a conflict.


Frequently Asked Questions

I moved the Appointment to a time in the past. Will my Student receive a notification?
No. Appointments scheduled or rescheduled to a date or time in the past will not issue an Appointment Scheduled Notification.

The Appointment needs to be moved to a time when the original advisor is unavailable. Can I change the advisor?
No. If you would like to change the Advisor associated with a scheduled Appointment, you will need to cancel and re-create the appointment.

I moved an Appointment scheduled on an Appointment Block to a different day, but the Appointment Block has the same settings or is part of a recurring Appointment Block. Will the Appointment still lose its association with the Advisor's Appointment Block?
Yes. Any Appointment scheduled on an Appointment Block moved to an Appointment Block that it was not originally scheduled on will lose its association. 






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