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 This article will highlight how admin and student users can input an interview experience as well as how admin users approve student interviews and interview questions.

How an admin adds an interview for a student user:

  1. From the left navigation panel, select "Students & Alumni", and then select the student you want to add an interview for. 


  1. Select the “Interviews” tab at the top. You may select to add an interview for a Post-Graduation or Internship outcome. Select “+Add Interview” for the outcome you would like to report.


  1. The add interview modal, pictured below, allows you to either add an interview for an outcome you have reported, or to create a new interview experience.


  1. This is where the user can add all of the information typically gathered from an interview, such as interview questions, the type of question, interview length, format and the round (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). Additionally, the user can enter the name and job title of the interviewer, as well as any insight gathered from the interview. Once completed, select “Add” on the lower right side of the screen to save the interview to the student's profile. 


  • The Interview is automatically approved and will be added to the students profile on the "Interviews" tab.




How to add an interview as a student:

  1. Select the “Interview” tab from the Profile module.

  2. Select to "+Add Interview" for an Internship or Post-Graduate outcome. 


  1. Enter in the interview details and select “Add.


  1. The interview will now display on your profile awaiting admin approval. 


How to approve an interview(Admin User):

  1. Select "Notifications" from the left hand panel, and then select “Interviews” from the menu options that appear.


  1. You will land on the “Data Validation” page. Each pending interview includes details like the student's name and graduation class, company name, interview date/round and job title. Select "Expand" to review the details of the pending interview.


  1. After reviewing the interview details select “Approve” to approve the interview.


How to approve interview questions(Admin User):

  1. Select "Notifications" from the left navigation panel, and then select “Interview Questions”.


  1. You will be directed to the Interview Questions section of the Manage Libraries page,


  1. Select “Review”.

  2. You may select to “Accept Question” the interview question or search for similar questions and merge the questions together.

  3. If “Accept Question” is selected a new window will appear, enter in the details and select “Add Question”.



  • Please note that both Interviews and Questions must be approved in order for either to show in the database for students.
  • REMINDER:  Interview and Questions are part of the Research Tools suite and therefore governed by the ODA Access settings.  Only data where the years are available will display to students.  Please make sure to check your ODA Access settings to ensure that the Interviews and Questions will display correctly to your students


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