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The ability to merge employers is important to reduce the inclusion of various iterations of the same company (Amazon, Amazon Inc, Amazon,Inc.) in your database. 


Merging Employers

  1. Select "Notifications", then select “Employers”

  2. You will be directed to the Pending Employers page. Select the "merge" button

  3. On the new window that appears, enter the name of the employer you would like to merge the pending employer into. Select “Merge” to confirm.

Pro Tip: You can also merge Employers when they are in the Employer Directory or Contact Directory by selecting the employer, choosing the more actions button, and following the same steps mentioned above.

Note: Merging employers cannot be undone or reversed. Please proceed with caution.

Employer Alias

The "Employer Alias" allows Career Center Users to store the merged Employer Name value and create a "rule" to automatically convert the value into it's desired value. For example:

  • Employer Names
    • Company 1: "12Twenty, Inc."
    • Company 2: "12twenty"
  • Correct Value
    • "12twenty"

We will merge "12Twenty, Inc." into "12twnety" and create an Employer Alias so that if any user submitted "12Twenty, Inc." in the future, a Career Center User will not have to merge the value again.



How can we tell which Employer is "company 1" and which contact is "company 2"?
The Employer you choose to merge is "Company 1" and the Employer you are merging "Company 1" into is "Company 2"

I created an Alias, where did it go?
Select the "Employer Aliases" button from the Pending Employers (Notifications > Employers) page.

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