Emailing Students

The below directions outline how to email a group of students, or an individual student, from the Student Directory.



Emailing Students in Bulk

  1. Select Students & Alumni from the left navigation.

  2. Select the +Add Filter button to add any desired filters to refine results (Example: to capture students that have not signed up yet, use Signed Up Status; to look for a particular post-grad outcome, use Post Grad Reported Outcome).  You can include or exclude the selected option.

  3. To email the students in your results, select the three dots to the right of Results Found and then select Email Students in Results. This will email all of the students within your search results.




Emailing an Individual Student

To send an email to an individual student, select the three dots to the right of the desired student's name, then select the "Send Email" button.




Using "BCC" for Emails

The Email Modal allows users to create and send emails the BCC recipients. To do so, paste or type the email address into the "BCC" field and press the enter key. This will place the email address within a pill-shaped field with an "x" to the right. This confirms the email has been successfully entered into the BCC field and they will receive a copy of the email you send.


Adding Substitution Tags

You can use Substitution tags such as First Name, Last Name, and Magic Login Links to customize the emails sent to students. 

A Magic login Link allows students to directly access their account without needing to log in. To send a magic login link, draft an email to students from the Student Directory and include the 'Magic Login Link' merge tag. Magic login links may only be sent to students via email, and each unique link expires after 7 days.



Please Note:

  • Magic Login Links are only available through the Student & Alumni Directory and cannot be used in Email Templates.
  • Magic Login Links are unique to the user and should not be forwarded to other students outside of 12twenty.
  • Please ensure you've added the {{MagicLoginLink}} substitution tag directly from the substitution tag menu. 



Mass email blasts tend to have low results. It's always best to create targeted emails based on filtered group of students (departments, majors, cohorts, sections, etc...) Use filters to your advantage to create targeted messages for a group of students.

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