Bulk Student Update through Student Directory

Career Center Users can make updates to multiple student profiles at once through the bulk update feature in the student directory. The attributes available for bulk update currently include:

     - Student Group
     - Active
     - User Role
     - Assigned Advisor**
     - Grad Term
     - College/School
     - Degree
     - Degree Level
     - I want to be included in Employer Candidate Search
     - Newsletter Frequency

Please note: All examples in this guide use the Assigned Advisor field, but similar functionality is available for bulk updates to every attribute listed (with some limitations placed on attributes that do not allow multiple values).


To perform bulk updates to student profiles:

  1. Navigate to the Students & Alumni
  2. Apply filters to drill down to the appropriate group of students
  3. Use the ellipsis button to select Bulk Update All. Or, select a subset of students from the results by checking the boxes to the left of their names, and you will be given the option to Bulk Update Selected.


When bulk updating an attribute, you will be prompted to choose 1 of 3 update methods:

  • Append. This type of bulk update will add data to each selected student without altering or removing existing data. For example, if you are appending selected student profiles to be assigned to career advisor Seymour, but a student is already coached by Edna, the student will now be assigned to both advisors. Please note: Occasionally you may encounter an error for an individual student within the selected group if that individual already has the maximum number of values assigned (for example, the maximum number of advisors that can be assigned to a student on most 12Twenty platforms is five)


  • Replace all values with... This type of bulk update will replace all existing values for the selected attributes and students with the new value. Using the example above, a student previously assigned to advisor Edna, or any other advisors, will be reassigned to Seymour. All other advisors previously assigned to the selected students will be completely removed from their profiles.


  • Replace ( _____ with ______ ). This type of bulk update allows you to choose one attribute value to be replaced for any selected students containing that attribute. For example, by replacing advisor Edna with Seymour, any students in the selected group assigned to Edna will now be assigned to Seymour. Edna will be removed from the selected profiles, but any other advisors assigned to the selected students will remain.




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