Student Audit Log

This article covers how to view and download a Student Audit Log.

The student audit log provides admins a complete history of additions, edits, and any deletion of data on a student profile.  Each entry in the audit log provides details on the action that was taken, and the user who made the edit, as well as a date and timestamp.

Navigating to a student audit log:

  1. Select any student profile from the Student Directory.
  2. In the upper right hand corner, select the more actions icon > Audit Log.
  3. The audit log will open in a window.

Audit Log Actions

  1. Select the + icon next to an audit log entry to expand the entry and view further details.
  2. Select the - icon to collapse an entry.
  3. Alternatively, select Expand All to expand all entries in the audit log.
  4. Select Export to download a .csv file with all of the information presented in the audit log for your records.

What is included in the audit log?

Any edits made by career center, student, and API users to the student profile are included in the audit log. This includes changes to the Background + Admin tabs of the student profile, as well as student outcomes (add, edit, and delete).

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