Student Audit Log

This article covers how to view and download a Student Audit Log. The student audit log provides admins with a complete history of additions, edits, and any deletion of data on a student profile.  Each entry in the audit log provides details on the action that was taken, and the user who made the edit, as well as a date and timestamp.


  1. Navigating to a student audit log
  2. Audit Log Actions
  3. What is included in the audit log?


Navigating to a student audit log

  1. Select any student profile from the Student Directory.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, select the more actions icon Audit Log.
  3. The audit log will open in a window.




Audit Log Actions

  1. Select the + icon next to an audit log entry to expand the entry and view further details.
  2. Select the - icon to collapse an entry.
  3. Alternatively, select Expand All to expand all entries in the audit log.
  4. Select Export to download a .csv file with all of the information presented in the audit log for your records.




What is included in the audit log?

Any edits made by a career center admin, a student, and the API will be included in the audit log. This includes changes to the Background + Admin tabs of the student profile, as well as student outcomes (add, edit, and delete).





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