Outcome Upload Tool

This article will introduce you to the Outcome Upload Tool, which allows admin users to upload or update outcomes for any job phase in bulk.


Uploading Outcomes

  1. Navigate to the Data Uploads page by selecting Site Management Data Uploads from the left hand navigation panel.

  2. Download a .csv template via the Download CSV Template button. Be sure to select the correct job phase template for the data you are uploading (e.g. Post Graduation, Internship).

  3. Add your data to the downloaded template, making sure to leave the column headers unchanged. The unique identifier used for outcome uploads is in column A of the template, Student Identifier. This column will accept a student's primary email address or their 12twenty ID. To update an outcome, you would use the 12twenty ID (i.e. the Outcome ID) as the Unique Identifier. To pull the 12twenty ID for a previously uploaded outcome, please refer to the steps in the next section. 

  4. Save your file in .csv format.

  5. On the Data Uploads page, select New Upload. 

  6. On the modal that appears, attach your file, select Type = Outcomes, and choose the appropriate job phase and the upload method Add New. To update an outcome, you would select Update Existing for the Upload Method instead. 

  7. Select Upload to begin the upload process.
  8. You will be taken to a dedicated detail page for your upload. Upon completion, the upload will display as Successful or Invalid. Note: If your upload was invalid, select the "hide rows without errors" box to view the rows in your file that contained formatting errors. Once you have corrected the errors in these rows, return to step 4 to continue uploading your data.



Pro Tip: To find valid values for the columns in your file, navigate to the Picklist tab of the Outcome Survey site settings page and select a picklist that aligns with a column in the upload template. For example, to view the values the upload tool will accept for the Outcome Type column, select "Outcome Type" from the Picklist tab of the Outcome Survey site settings page.



How to Find the Outcome ID

In order to update an outcome, you must use the 12twenty ID (i.e. the Outcome ID) as the Unique Identifier. To find the Outcome ID, you can pull a custom report by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Custom Reports
  2. Create a new Outcomes Report
  3. Add Columns such as 12twenty ID, Employer, Job Title, and any necessary columns to verify you are updating the correct outcome
  4. Generate Report
  5. Take the 12twenty ID and add it to your .CSV template as the "Unique Identifier" with the fields you want to update
  6. Follow the steps in the section above to complete the outcome upload
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