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This article discusses typical required fields for notes and how to upload notes using the bulk upload tool. 

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Note Requirements

Your note upload will fail if you don't include the required fields. Please Note: Requirements may vary depending on your site. 

  • Type (e.g., Student, Contact, or Employer)
  • Unique Identifier
  • Note Text is required.
  • Admin Visibility is required.
    • Me Only
    • Some Groups
    • All Groups
  • Student Visibility is required for Contact and Employer Uploads. 
    • Me Only
    • Some Groups
    • All Groups
  • Date is required.

'Student' Notes are never visible to Student or Alumni users.


Note Upload Tool

  1. Navigate to the Data Upload Tools page by selecting “Site Management”, then “Data Uploads”.

  2. Select the “Download CSV Template” drop down, then select “Notes"

  3. Add your data into the template, making sure to leave the column headers unchanged. The unique identifier used in the Note Upload Tool is "Email Address" for contact and student notes, and “Employer Name” for employer notes. 

  4. Save the template file. Be sure to keep the "CSV" file format.

  5. Upload the document by selecting "+ New Upload" on the Data Upload Tools page, then select "Notes" for Type, and finally select “Upload”.

    • Please note that only the “Add New” upload method is supported.

  6. Once the data uploads it will be tagged as either “Success” or “Invalid”.



Mixed Entities: You are able to perform a Note Upload with mixed “Entity Types; the same CSV file can have student, employer and contact notes.



Statuses: All successful, pending and invalid uploads are added to a list of data uploads, with the status showing in "Status" column. If the upload is "Invalid", select the specific upload to view further details on the errors that need to be corrected.


To simplify the view you can select the “Hide rows without errors” option. This will only expose rows with an issue.


Special Characters: To upload notes with special characters, please ensure that your notes CSV file is "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)" instead of "Comma separated values (.csv)." This will ensure that notes with special characters are successfully uploaded. 


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