Lesson 1: The Basics

Regardless of the students you serve, the one constant for all Career Centers is that you strive to provide your students with every possible tool to succeed during and after their time at your University, College, School, and organization.

Here are some of the core functionalities of 12twenty for Universities:

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Please note: Since the 12twenty for Universities platform is highly customizable, your site may not include all the modules, options, or add-ons discussed in this overview.


Outcome Data and Analytics

The 12twenty Outcomes Data and Analytics module (ODA) is purpose-built to help you collect and report on employment outcomes from your students. Serving all types of Career Centers and organizations, ODA helps your office efficiently understand and gain insights into your students', graduates', and alumni jobs.

Your custom 12twenty site is delivered pre-loaded with fields that comply with MBA CSEA, ABA, NALP, and NACE reporting standards. 12twenty ODA offers your office a customizable but out-of-the-box solution to Internship, Job, and First Destination Surveys.

We also offer "Outcome on Login" for all sites including ODA. This immediately prompts users with an Outcome Survey to complete and can be made required. 

Outcome Collection Examples
ODA_Example_Comp.png ODA_Example_mobile.png


Reporting Examples


ABA mceclip4.png
NALP ERSS mceclip5.png
NACE mceclip6.png


Career Services Management

The Career Services Management module (CSM) provides Event management, Job Listings, On-Campus Recruiting, On-Campus Interviews, Virtual Interviews, Appointments, and more. Providing employers the ability to access your site gives them the opportunity to post job opportunities and host events for free

By supporting custom Event types, your Career Center can offer Company Presentations, Mock Interviews, Job Fairs, and any other custom Event Type you could think of. Students and alumni can even create saved searches with email notifications to receive updates about events they're interested in registering for.

Job Listings and OCI Postings
Job Listings and OCI provides your students and alumni with the ability to apply for jobs directly through 12twenty or using another method defined by the employer listing the posting. We offer custom-sourced job feeds and connect your site to our Global Employer platform 12twenty for Employers. 12twenty for Employers allows recruiters and hiring managers to connect with your office directly, helping you source new positions and form new relationships. Students and alumni can even create saved searches with email notifications to receive updates about events they're interested in registering for.

Appointments on 12twenty enables your Advisors and Coaches to set their availability, industry focus, and Appointment Type offerings for students and alumni to schedule appointments. Paired with Calendar Sync functionality and our Zoom Integration, your advisors' availability can be kept up to date in real-time as well as providing students and alumni the ability to have virtual appointments.

Students can also use Calendar Sync to ensure that their calendar is not marked as busy before they book an appointment. For students and alumni, appointment availability is restricted by various parameters like who their Career Advisor is, their assigned student group, and the Appointment Types made available to them. 

Automated notifications ensure that advisors, students, and alumni alike will stay up to date with bookings, changes, and cancellations -- including the advisors' ability to track attendance.



Employer Relations Management

The Employer Relations Management module, ERM, allows Career Center Users (especially Employer Relationship Managers) as well as students to have access to a database of Employers (Organizations) and Contacts (Recruiters) through the ERM databases. By supporting Custom Attributes, ERM allows you to provide bespoke management to your employer partners; track notes, meetings, and tasks; display ODA information like hires, job titles, and locations; as well as 12twenty's exclusive JobIQ functionality.

The Employer functionality of ERM is comprised of two parts:
     - Employer Directory
     - Employer Profiles

The Employer Directory lists all approved companies, their logos, and additional information. The free-text search bar and filters can be used to find employers with hires or recruiters in certain locations, industries, based on the value of a Custom Attribute, and more. 


Employer Profiles provide space for you (and employers) to highlight their value to students and the various reasons a Student or Alumni show attend their On-Campus Events or apply to Job Postings. The Employer Sync functionality allows you, the Career Center, to determine whether or not you would like to provide your own employer description or utilize the description uploaded by the employer.


The Contact functionality of ERM is comprised of two parts:
     - Contact Directory
     - Contact Profiles

The Contact Directory lists all approved contacts and their associated data. The free-text search bar and filters can be used to find contacts in certain locations, industries, based on the value of a Custom Attribute, and more. mceclip2.png

Contact Profiles provide space for you to track and manage information regarding the relationship with your recruiters. With privacy controls to hide or publish a contact, the Career Center and your contacts have the final say in regard to whether or not their information is available to Student and Alumni users.


Experiential Learning

The Experiential Learning module, EL, helps you track your students' Co-Ops, Internships for Credit, Clinics, Pro Bono work, and more. By providing a multi-step approval process, custom forms, hour tracking logs, and more, EL gives you control over how your Experience process functions within your Career Center. EL also allows Faculty Advisors to participate in the approval process. 

Tracking Experiences mceclip5.png
Custom Approvals mceclip6.png
Custom Forms mceclip7.png


Other Lessons

Disclaimer: (1)This information is subject to change at any time. Please contact 12twenty Support via Support@12twenty.com or by creating a ticket to request updated information. (2)12twenty is in the process of being certified for Part-Time MBA CSEA Standards. (3)Your 12twenty site may not include all modules or options described above.

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