Lesson 4: Getting Support

12twenty's Support and Implementation teams are here to help! Not only are there hundreds of articles and resources available to you 24/7 via the 12twenty Academy, but you can submit your questions directly through the platform too! 

This is the final lesson of the Getting Started Guide for 12twenty for Universities. We have one final resource for you to review that helps you determine what your next steps should be. Alternatively, you can click here to jump to the bottom of the page to view all the available lessons.


  1. Create your 12twenty Academy Account
  2. Onboarding and Implementating 12twenty
  3. Existing 12twenty Partners


Create your 12twenty Academy Account

Please follow the steps in this resource to create your 12twenty Academy Account.



Onboarding and Implementing 12twenty

If you're still onboarding or implementing 12twenty, we're sure you have a lot of questions! Luckily, the Implementation team is here to help. You may receive emails from the following 12twenty email addresses:

  • Onboarding@12twenty.com
  • Support@12twenty.com

Please click here to submit a new request and let us know you're in onboarding by selecting "I'm in Onboarding" on the form. This will ensure your question is passed to the right team.



Existing 12twenty Partners

If your Career Center, University, or Organization is already using 12twenty but you have questions, please click here to submit a new request and choose "I'm a Current Partner" for the "Onboarding or Current Partner" field. 

This helps us make sure you're connected to the right team!



Other Lessons

Disclaimer: (1)This information is subject to change at any time. Please contact 12twenty Support via Support@12twenty.com or by creating a ticket to request updated information. (2)12twenty is in the process of being certified for Part-Time MBA CSEA Standards. (3)Your 12twenty site may not include all modules or options described above.

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