Lesson 3: Reporting Overview

Your 12twenty for Universities platform allows you to query, export, and manipulate the data in your platform by providing you with modules like Research Tools, Custom Reporting, and Standard Reports. Reporting is primarily based on Record Types (discussed in Lesson 2: Record Types) and the access to certain reports will be dependent on the modules available on your site as well as the types of students your Career Center serves.

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  1. Reporting Types
  2. Research Tools
  4. ABA & NALP
  5. NACE
  6. Others

Please note: Since the 12twenty for Universities platform is highly customizable, your site may not include all the Reporting and Report Record Types in this overview.



Reporting Types

12twenty for University sites include two styles of reporting: Custom Reports and Standard Reports. Custom Reports are built by individual Career Center Users and allow for a custom configuration of filters to limit queries to certain data values as well as sharing and privacy. Standard Reports availability is based on the type of students your Career Center serves and provides reporting for MBA CSEA, ABA, NALP, NACE, and more.

Custom Reporting
Custom Reports allows you to query data within your platform based on Record Types. From Outcome reports to Appointment Block availability, you can create Custom Reports to find the data points you're searching for. Custom Reports can be saved, stored in folders, and their visibility can be limited to certain users. 

In the example below, the Custom Reports include features like Charts & Dashboards which provide data visualization as well as "Outcomes by Attribute."



Standard Reporting
Standard Reports is where you will find your specific Reporting formats:

    • MBA CSEA
    • ABA & NALP
    • NACE

Standard Reporting allows you to view Outcome Data in your required formatting, export formatted reports, export raw datasets, submit directly through the platform (NALP), and more. 


Research Tools

Compiles your Outcome Data into tables and graphs for Students, Alumni, and Admin Users. Only data you want to be included in Research Tools will be presented. The goal of Research Tools is to empower your users with information about salary offers, offer timing, and more.

Research Tool functionality includes information like:

    • Salary Database to view salaries based on Employers, Industries, and more
    • Offer Timelines to better understand the seasonality of job offers
    • Job Source visualizations to view how students are finding their jobs in particular Industries, Employers, and more.




For Business Schools and Career Centers, we offer Certified MBA CSEA Reporting for Full-Time and Specialty Masters Reporting. We also offer Part-Time MBA CSEA Reporting; however, we have not finished the final stage of certification, but it is available on sites where applicable. For more information about MBA CSEA Reporting Standards, please follow this link.

MBA CSEA Reporting on 12twenty includes all necessary Tables and we provide a "Notes" section where applicable. Note sections provide some guidance as to which students and outcomes are included in a particular Table. Additionally, red "Warning" labels are applied near the top of a Report Table if there are students that are being excluded from your report or otherwise creating an issue. 

MBA CSEA Reporting on 12twenty also allows Career Centers to decide if they would like to export the tables using MBA CSEA Industries and Functions or Internal Industries and Functions. This provides you the ability to publish your reporting using values that are more familiar to your students and stakeholders. 

The below example shows MBA CSEA Full-Time MBA Employment Report for Table 1.A. This view on 12twenty provides controls to change Graduation Years and terms, which Full-Time programs you would like to include, and a selection for Post Graduation or Internship outcomes. 

Using the "Export Results" feature will download Table 1.A and "Export Raw Data" will download the dataset and how each student is being calculated.
We modified the export to include the color coding as shown in the example above.



Law Schools and their Career Centers have access to ABA and NALP Reporting directly on 12twenty. Our platform is kept up-to-date with consistent updates which ensures your reporting collects the information needed to report your Student's employment At Graduation and 10-Months After Graduation. 

Our 12twenty ABA & NALP Resource Hub contains information about how to manage, audit, and export the data you need to include in Reporting.

ABA EQ Export

If you would like to submit your NALP ERSS report directly from 12twenty, please create a ticket and include your site URL and your NALP Program Code.

The example below shows the ABA EQ Table for Employment Status. There are red "Warning" labels applied near the top of a Report Table if there are students that are being excluded from your report or otherwise creating an issue.

The "Export Raw Data" selection will provide a file with the full dataset used to categorize each student and "Export Results" downloads the entire ABA Report Table. In the example below, the Raw Data shows each student record and how it is calculated.
We modified the export to include the color coding as shown in the example above. Some columns to the right were removed from this image to enhance visibility.



Undergraduate and Graduate School's Career Centers can use the 12twenty NACE report to export their formatted data. The 12twenty NACE report allows you to select which College and Degree Level you would like to report. To ensure accurate reporting, it is extremely important to configure your Majors, Consolidated Majors, and CIP Codes. Please refer to the resource on Configuring Majors and CIP Codes to learn more.


The NACE Report on 12twenty will show all necessary columns for the Table and export with CIP Codes included in the report.



Exporting your 12twenty NACE Formatted Report will provide you with a file that includes multiple tabs and necessary values for submission.
We modified the export to include the color coding as shown in the example above. Some rows and columns were removed from this image to enhance visibility.



12twenty also offers other Standard Report types. If you would like another Standard Report to be included in your platform, please reach out to the 12twenty Implementation Team by submitting a ticket.


Other Lessons

Disclaimer: (1)This information is subject to change at any time. Please contact 12twenty Support via Support@12twenty.com or by creating a ticket to request updated information. (2)12twenty is in the process of being certified for Part-Time MBA CSEA Standards. (3)Your 12twenty site may not include all modules or options described above.

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