Adding an Outcome Note

Outcome Notes are great for clarifying information about data on an Outcome Survey, changes made to the outcome survey, or attaching supporting documentation.


Adding an Outcome Note

  1. Navigate to the Jobs and Job Offers tab of a student's profile

  2. Select the ellipsis icon next to the Outcome and select Add Outcome Note from the dropdown

  3. Fill out the details on the Outcome Note pop-up:

    • Include a Note Description

    • Select a Note Type from the drop-down

    • Choose Visibility:
      • Everyone includes all Admins.

      • Custom allows you to choose from specific Admin Groups by toggling All Admin Groups to Off and selecting the appropriate Admin Group(s). Please note: At least two admin groups must exist on your site to make this selection. For more details on Admin Groups, please see this article. 

      • Me Only will only be visible to the Admin who is creating the note. 
    • Attach a file.  All file types are accepted. 


  1. Hit Add at the bottom of the Outcome Note pop-up.

  2. Once added, the Outcome Note will be attached to the associated Outcome and will appear in the Outcome Audit Log. To learn more about the Outcome Audit Log, click here.

  3. Outcome Notes will also automatically transfer and can be accessed in the Notes tab of the student’s profile:



Note Visibility Update 2023

Due to the release of Admin Groups, the visibility of notes has been updated with the following rules:

  • Myself Only = "Only Me"
  • Myself and All Career Advisers = "Custom" + "All Admin Groups" toggle set to "On" and "All Student Groups" set to "Off"
  • Myself, admins, and all students = "Everyone"


Frequently Asked Questions

If I select "Everyone" for the visibility on the Outcome Note, does that mean that students will be able to see the note?
No, "Everyone" includes all Admins. Student users cannot view any Outcome Notes. 

When I select "Custom visibility" and toggle All Admin Groups to Off, why don't I see options to select from Admin Groups?
At least two Admin Groups must be added to your site before you see the Admin Group drop-down. For more information on adding Admin Groups, please see this article. 




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