Adding an Outcome Note

Outcome Notes are great for clarifying information about data on an Outcome Survey, changes made to the outcome survey, or attaching supporting documentation.


To add a note to an outcome:

  1. Navigate to the Jobs and Job Offers tab of a student's profile.

  2. Select the ellipsis icon on the outcome you want to add an Outcome Note to

  3. From the dropdown menu, select "Add Outcome Note".

  • A pop up will appear allowing you to fill in the Note Description, Note Type, attach any     supporting files if applicable (All file types are accepted!)

  1. The Outcome Note will be attached to the Outcome it was added to and will also appear as an action in the "Outcome Audit Log." To learn more about the Outcome Audit Log, click here. 

5. Outcome Notes will also automatically transfer and can be accessed in Notes module of the student’s profile

  • Select the “More” tab from the student’s profile, then click on the “Notes” tab. 


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