Stripe Integration

This article outlines the basics of integrating your platform with Stripe to collect payments, and answers some FAQs regarding Stripe & 12Twenty. 



  • What third party credit card processing system is used?
    • Stripe.
  • What is the percentage Stripe and 12Twenty will retain for this service?
    • Stripe charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.
    • 12Twenty charges an additional 2% per transaction
  • When would the University receive payments for these credit card payments collected, and how?
    • After setting up an account, the University will choose payment frequency from Stripe.



  • Where do I go to create a Stripe account for my University to integrate with 12Twenty?
  • Where can I find out more about the Stripe integration with 12Twenty?
    • Please see this documentation from Stripe regarding integration and implementation.
  • Do I need an additional agreement with Stripe?
    • No additional agreement is needed. The University will just have to create a Stripe account which is simple to do via their site:



  • Where do I see invoice information on my 12Twenty system?
    • By selecting the Payments icon ($) in the top navigation of your site, you will be able to see all of your unpaid, outstanding orders as well as a complete order history.
  • Will the I have the ability to post payments in the system and add notes regarding these payments?
    • Yes, you can create invoice and add notes to generated invoices.
  • Can we email invoices and/or receipts to the company representatives?
    • Career Fairs: Invoices can be emailed to registrants.
    • OCI: To the individual who posts the OCI.
      • For more details on how to send invoices within 12Twenty, please reference our knowledgebase article here.


  • We need the capability to both see invoice numbers and search by invoice numbers.
    • The Payments page will allow you to see history of invoices and allow you to search by invoice or Employer name.


  • We need to be able to run reports that separate invoices and credit card payments and show paid and not paid.
    • You can export order history which will export invoice status.


  • W need to edit registrations – add / delete / waive items.
    • Registrations can bee modified at any time through selecting the employer's name within the Job Fair.


  • I need to have the capability to charge for additional items and refund for those deleted / waived.
    • Career Fairs: You can charge for additional items. If you have integrated with Stripe, refunds must be initiated through Stripe.  Modifying the Invoice in 12Twenty will not initiate a refund.
    • OCI: Cannot be done at this time.


  • Whose merchant ID will be used?
    • The University will be the merchant of record.


  • Will employees enter any cardholder data for customers, or will customers enter their own data?
    • Both Career Center users and Employers can make a payment for an invoice via Stripe, but the Employers usually make the payments themselves.


  • Will the I have access to cardholder data?
    • The University will have access to the cardholder name, card type (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), the last 4 digits of the card number, and the expiration date.


  • Can I speak with someone from Stripe?
    • Stripe actually doesn't have a phone number for their support / account management team (according to their website here), but you may use this form to send an email to Stripe directly, or view their Documentation library here.


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