How Do Students Register for a Job Fair?

 This article discusses how students can filter for Job Fair Events, Register for Job Fairs, and review their registration confirmation.


  1. Student Registration for a Job Fair
  2. How Do Students add themselves to the Schedule?
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Student Registration for a Job Fair

  1. After logging in, students should select Events on the left navigation panel

  2. On the Events page, students can view all events that are available to them. Students can apply the Event Type = Job Fair filter to find the job fair quickly they are interested in attending

  3. Then choose the specific Job Fair, and select Register Now

  4. If the admin chose to require documents in order to register for the Job Fair, the student will be prompted to upload the necessary document(s)

  5. Once a student successfully registers, the student will be directed to the registration confirmation page



How Do Students add themselves to the Schedule?

A student can add themselves to the schedule by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the Career/Job Fair event's Employers tab
  2. Click "Select a Time Slot" for the employer they'd like to meet with

  3. Students can choose from available time slots by clicking Select Time Slot
  4. Students will be redirected to a confirmation page and click Select Time Slot 

  5. Once a student is registered, from the Employers tab, they will be able to click the ellipsis button next to their registered slot and edit their time slot, cancel, or view their time slot on their calendar

           - Edit will return students to the time slot selection page
           - Cancel will cancel their time slot

           - View on My Calendar will redirect students to their My Calendar Page




  1. Can students select a time slot for multiple employers?
    Yes, students can select one time slot per employer
  2. What will happen if a student tries to select a time slot that they've already booked for another employer?
    They will receive an "Oops Error" instructing them to cancel their other timeslot before booking


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